New Bodie Hills Geology Map from USGS

The U.S. Geological Survey has just published a detailed and beautiful new full-color “Geologic map of the Bodie Hills, California and Nevada.” The map can be downloaded for free, here: Map Sheet 1 is the map itself, and Map Sheet 2 is the explanation of map units. Several other files provide related information.

The Bodie Hills are mostly Miocene and Pliocene volcanic and sedimentary rocks, with a variety of Quaternary surface deposits. Granitic basement rocks, mostly Cretaceous and Jurassic, are prominent in the Masonic Mountain, Aurora Peak, and Rattlesnake Gulch areas. As a teaser, here’s a small part of the map, showing the Aurora–Brawley Peaks area.

Geology map screenshot

Full citation: John, D.A., du Bray, E.A., Box, S.E., Vikre, P.G., Rytuba, J.J., Fleck, R.J., and Moring, B.C., 2015, Geologic map of the Bodie Hills, California and Nevada: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3318, 64 p., 2 sheets, scale 1:50,000,

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