The Checklist: New 2017 Edition

I’ve made some corrections and additions to Plants of the Bodie Hills: an Annotated Checklist, based on some fieldwork and other research during 2016. CLICK HERE to visit the Downloads page. The January 2017 edition of the checklist is a 47-page, 5.1 mb PDF file. [UPDATE, January 16: A few more typos corrected. You may want to download again if you downloaded prior to 1-16-2017.]

Checklist Cover 2017

The Bodie Hills encompass about 417 square miles in northern Mono County, California, western Mineral County, Nevada, and southern-most Lyon County, Nevada. The checklist includes 679 taxa of vascular plants, of which 575 are definitely known to occur in the Bodie Hills and 104 others are considered likely to be present. The list includes 52 families of dicots, 15 families of monocots, and 8 families of vascular cryptogams.

Travertine Hot Springs

Travertine Hot Springs has extensive alkaline wet meadows and dry outcrops.

Cinnabar Canyon

Cinnabar Canyon contains pinyon-juniper woodland and an unusual wet meadow.

Bodie Mountain

Bodie Mountain supports high-altitude sagebrush scrub with lots of
cushion plants and several alpine species.


Bodie is in the south-central Bodie Hills.


Copyright © Tim Messick 2017. All rights reserved.

4 responses to “The Checklist: New 2017 Edition

  1. Great job on the checklist Tim, I especially like the color-coding and descriptions of the collection sites. I’m curious about your collecting approach when you did your initial or subsequent studies. Did you collect in specific habitat sites or did you follow transects? Maybe you used the wandering approach?? I am impressed with the dedication you have displayed for this project over more than 30 years, well done. KT

    • Thank you, Keith! My explorations have all been with the “wandering” method, aided (in recent years) by much snooping around in Google Earth, looking for potentially interesting or unusual habitats to check out on the ground. Many of these places I have yet to visit.

  2. julie anne hopkins

    Excellent, Tim. I look forward to going out botanizing with you this spring/summer 2017!!

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